Dream Doodles by Lyn

Mixed Media Journal

Although doodling is my passion I occasionally dabble with other crafts. I love mixed media even if it’s really messy and tends to take over the entire house.




My husband passed away suddenly and I lost all desire to create until I came across my favourite photo of him wandering along a beach and was compelled to put it in my journal.

This is to remind you all that time is precious, not to be wasted, non refundable. Tell everybody how you feel about them today. There might not be a chance tomorrow.




This one is called “Thanks for the Memories”. It’s in celebration of a magical weekend. The little tags have photos on the back which are very personal so I reserve the right not to show them















 This one was trial. Really wasn’t liking it but kept sticking more stuff on. So much that I couldn’t paint over it and couldn’t rip it out as I would have lost the work on the reverse. So I kept on sticking. Then I made a little pocket to put some tags with notes on and abracadabra suddenly I love it!!!………even though I’ve just noticed the word constipation right under the ? on the left. That’s a bit unfortunate.Think I need to check which book I’m using torn pages from haha




 The waves on this one form little pockets that I’ve tucked personal messages in.


Full moon


This one was inspired by last night’s full moon. And for those of you interested in the process…I did a swirly purple painted back ground with some salt for texture. The circle is a recycled silver Xmas gift tag. On top of that is a favourite photo that I transferred to a Kleenex. A bit of gift wrap on the left and some shiny things. And the little tags on the right are from some Fairtrade tea bags. Art from crap basically




Old lace, feathers, words cut from a magazine and a bit of bling





 Dont know where to begin explaining this one…..so I wont bother









 I didn’t kill the butterfly. I found it dead in my car. I do admit to killing the dish washing sponge to make some lichen for the wall though




 The tribute I did for my husband Ade was the last page in my 1st little journal so I decided it needed a cover. Not quite finished but thought you might like to walk through with me. The pages are so thick that there is no way it will stay closed of its own accord. I like it like that. Bought some sort of modelling clay that had not one word of instruction except a warning that it could choke children. So I just dived in and had a go. It shrank as it dried and the metal leaf that I thought was embedded popped out. Glued the leaf back on, daubed some paint on it and glued it to the front cover. Covered the back with some faux suede that was hanging round.




 Finally complete and I have to say that I love it.